Our Company

Who We Are

Exotic Finish is a New Jersey based wood flooring company specializing in exotic prefinished wood. We operate out of a warehouse in central New Jersey. Without the overhead of a store front, we sell our high quality products at wholesale prices. All our wood products are imported. Every one is of exceptional quality and value. None can be found in any DIY chain stores. We stand behind our products 100%. We provide a limited warranty to all of our products.

What We Believe

We recognize that flooring has long been more than just part of the basic building structure. It plays a very important role in contributing to the impression of a room in terms of texture and color. The right kind of wood floor enhances the overall look and feel.

Why Wood Floors

Wood flooring is praised for its durability, stability, and variety. It creates a warm and welcome under tone whenever it appears. Yet, the look can vary a great deal depending on the type of wood used. Here at Exotic Finish, we think of wood flooring as an interal part of a grand design. It helps achieving an impression. For instance, Santo Mahogany, with its dark brown and beautiful grain along with its incredible depth, is rich and sophisticated, Brazilian Walnut carries with it an understated old-world tradition, whereas Brazilian Teak is bold, full of characters, and contemporary.